Investing In Property: When Closing Speed Really Matters

In the world of real estate, closing deals swiftly can be the key to success. Anyone who has ventured into the realm of property investment knows that the closing process can be a lengthy and often convoluted affair. The numerous steps involved, from underwriting to meticulous document requests, can make it feel like there's no end in sight. However, when it comes to property investing, things take a different turn. Sellers in this market are usually in a hurry to wrap things up.

Investing In Property

Closing Speed: A Critical Factor

In the world of property investment, closing speed matters more than one might think. When a seller accepts an offer, they want to seal the deal as quickly as possible to ensure a successful sale. The longer the process drags on, the greater the risk that the deal may fall through. In this highly competitive environment, being the buyer who can close the fastest often makes all the difference. That's why the source of funding for a buyer becomes a critical factor.

The Need for Swift Funding

To ensure a swift closing, buyers have two primary options: cash and hard money loans. Let's delve into both of these choices:

  • All-Cash Purchase

Funding your real estate investment with cash isn't uncommon, but it's not the go-to method for most investors. All-cash deals tie up funds that could otherwise be used for different investment opportunities. Nevertheless, there are situations where paying in cash becomes necessary to secure a lucrative deal.

In an all-cash scenario, the seller often requires proof of your financial resources. You'll need to demonstrate that you have the necessary cash on hand. This could be achieved through bank statements or other documentation that validates your financial capability. Once your resources are verified, the closing process can usually be completed within a couple of days. It primarily depends on how quickly the title company can get everything in order.

  • The Hard Money Purchase

When it comes to swift closing, hard money loans are the next best thing to cash. A hard money lender is a private financial institution that bases its lending decisions primarily on the value of the assets involved. Unlike traditional banks and lenders, hard money lenders don't get bogged down by a lengthy and complex underwriting process that can take weeks or even months. Most of the time, they won't.

Take Actium Partners, based in Salt Lake City, UT, as a prime example. Actium's underwriting process is efficient and streamlined. They have been known to approve and fund loans within a mere 24 hours. A testament to this was a situation a couple of years ago when a client reached out on a Friday morning.

The client had a closing scheduled for the following Monday. However, for some unforeseen reason, the bank backed out on Friday, casting doubt on the deal's completion. Actium Partners swiftly intervened, sending an appraiser to inspect the property on Friday afternoon. Before close of business, they had prepared all the necessary loan documents, ready to be delivered, along with the funding, to the title company on Monday.

Fortunately, the client's deal was saved. Had Actium Partners not provided the funding, the closing might never have happened, leaving room for another buyer to step in and acquire the property.

The Significance of Speed

The essence of this narrative is clear: speed is of the essence in the commercial property market. Given the fierce competition for prime properties, those who can close deals swiftly often come out on top. It's the way the game is played.

In light of this, investors are left with two primary options: going all-cash or opting for a form of lending that guarantees a fast closing. With the exception of hard money loans, no other lending option offers this level of efficiency. It's no wonder that many property investors swear by hard money and bridge loans.


In the high-stakes world of property investment, closing quickly is the name of the game. Whether you choose to wield the power of cash or embrace the swiftness of hard money loans, the ability to seal the deal promptly can make all the difference in securing the most sought-after properties.


Q: Why is closing speed so critical in property investing?

A: Closing quickly is vital in property investing to secure deals and prevent them from falling through due to delays.

Q: What are the two fastest funding sources for property investments?

A: The two fastest funding sources are cash and hard money loans.

Q: Why might investors opt for an all-cash purchase, despite its drawbacks?

A: Investors may choose all-cash purchases when they need to guarantee a quick close to secure a good deal.

Q: How do hard money lenders differ from traditional banks in terms of underwriting?

A: Hard money lenders do not follow a lengthy underwriting process, often making decisions based on the value of assets.

Q: Why is Actium Partners mentioned as an example of efficient funding?

A: Actium Partners' quick and efficient underwriting and funding processes exemplify the benefits of hard money loans in swift deal closures.

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