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Short introduction

Olaf Malolepski is a German pop vocalist who became well known as an individual from the "Flippers" band. The specific degree of his resources is obscure. In any case, Malolepski ought not have procured seriously, particularly since he is one of the best pop vocalists ever. He sold in excess of 40 million records and tricked a huge number of fans to his shows. His 64 gold and platinum grants represent themselves. 

Early life

Olaf Malolepski experienced childhood in Pforzheim. His mom worked in a beauty parlor in Karlsruhe. He made his first strides in front of an audience at fourteen years old. During his childhood he changed the band over and over and chipped away at his melodic abilities. So school and instruction turned out to be less and less significant. All things considered, a degree in toolmaking couldn't keep him from making the main stride in his vocation in 1967. He comprised of joining the "Moving Show Band", which later turned into "The Flippers" in 1969.  


With another name, the "Flippers" made their first progress in 1971 with "Don't cry, little Eva", a tune that is still extremely well known with Schlager fans. The accompanying singles, "Just with you alone" and "Sha La, I Love You" let the fan base of "Flippers" keep on developing. The "Flippers" prepared for the arrival of their first long-playing record, which vanquished the graphs in 1970 under the title "The Flippers".

It was the start of the effective 1970s, where the "Flippers" became one of the most famous hit groups in Germany.
 With the finish of the 1970s, the principal extraordinary prime of the "Flippers" reached a conclusion. While Malolepski stayed faithful to the band, there were various changes in the line up. Eventually, a triplet was left, including Malolepski. The makers were likewise changed a few times in the desire for having the option to expand on old triumphs. Truth be told, the band made a rebound in 1985 with the collection "Tears Fall on Red Roses", for which they got the principal gold record. The year 1986 was overwhelmed by the super hit "The Red Sun of Barbados", with which one vanquished the ZDF hit march. From 1988, the "Flippers" started yearly visits during which they filled the biggest lobbies in the republic. The "Flippers" 2011 gave their last visit. From that point forward, the vigorous Malolepski has been an independent craftsman. His performance debut collection, "Thousand Red Roses" was granted gold. The subsequent collection, "When the anchor falls", likewise made it into the main ten. The year 2014 was likewise fruitful, albeit the record "I do it like the sundial" "as it were" arrived on the 11th spot in the German diagrams. Notwithstanding, Malolepski shouldn't repeat the experience on the three resulting records. Both "You resemble champagne – Only awesome for the commemoration" (2016), "Approval" (2017) and "multiple times yes" (2018) made it into the best ten.  

Career highlights

Olaf Malolepski's vocation can be isolated into three especially effective stages: the enormous forward leap during the 1970s, the large rebound during the 1980s and the staggering accomplishment as an independent craftsman, with which he showed what an incredible commitment he made to The achievement of the "Flippers" was accomplished. 

Amazing facts

Malolepski has been an individual from the cause drive "Schlagerstars für Kinder" beginning around 2018 When the "Flippers" took steps to vanish in the last part of the 1970s, Malolepski worked briefly as a tennis trainer. He likewise concentrated on traditional guitar, congruity and music history for his melodic preparing

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