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€ 125 million





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Great Britain

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Short introduction

The Scottish-Australian musician Angus Young is a founding member and longtime lead guitarist of the hard rock band AC / DC. In addition to his skill on the guitar, his wild appearances on stage made him famous, where he always wears a school uniform.

Early life

Born the youngest of eight children in a working class family in Glasgow, Scotland, he made contact with music in general and rock'n'roll especially very early. His sister played Little Richard and Elvis Records for him and took him to a Louis Armstrong concert when Angus Young was only six years old.

 His family also emigrated to Sydney in Australia early. He learned to play riffs using the old guitar of his brother Malcolm. He soon has his own electric guitar, a Gibson SG. At the time, he went to the garage to play the guitar just after school. He kept his school uniform, which later gave him his trademark. He left school at the age of 15 and works to buy his own complete electric guitar set. Even then he played in groups, even he excited his audience by showing a pole during the fight against the guitar. This should also stay another young Angus brand later.


In 1973, his brother Malcolm finally founded AC / DC, accepting his little brother Angus young as the main guitarist. The first single was not a success, but the foundation of a world career was asked with the formation of this group. In 1974, the singer GOOD SCOTT was introduced, with whom the global successes of 1975 was celebrated, which continued until the death of Good Scott in 1980.Meanwhile, the good Scott bodybuilding has often taken thin thin angus on his shoulders during his accompaniments, from where Angus Young continued to play his impressive solos. Good Scott died in 1980. The group found a successor worthy of Brian Johnson, who was also well received by the public. After the two black albums of 1980 and for those who arise from 1981, the group fell into a creative crisis. This has been successfully completed in the mid-1980s. Since the 1990s, the very productive group has only published four new studio albums in the 1970s. Around the world, however, their concerts and their visits have remained an absolute extractor of crowd. In 2014, the founder Malcolm Young had to leave the group because of the consequences of a stroke, and he died in 2017. Nevertheless, AC / DC continues to exist, even if singer Brian Johnson also had to leave The group because it threatened to become deaf to other concerts. For a short period, the former singer Axl Singer was hired to replace it. With these changes in the range of the band, Angus Young remains the only founding member remaining from the band, which was also an integral part of the band. Although Angus Young has a huge collection of guitars, his Gibson SG remains the model he likes to play the most. In his honor, Guitar Manufacturer Gibson sells three different models from a range of Gibson SG signatures. So far, AC / DC has sold about 150 million recordings, which, see above, has made a man rich in Angus. However, his artistic influence, of which many subsequent guitarists still state today, seems to be more important for him. In addition to his virtuosity on the guitar, on which he set standards of blues and rock, many of his fans were also impressed by his show still incredibly dynamic on stage. The school uniform is still part of the shows of Young Angus, as well as his can, which he improvised because of a fall on stage. It is unknown if AC / DC will already publish recordings. What is certain, however, is that the band has not yet been officially dissolved.  

Amazing facts

Angus Young lives in Sydney, Australia, as well as the Netherlands near the German border. His wife is Dutch. The music magazine "Rolling Stone" ranks Angus Young 24th in his list of the best guitarists of all time. In his school bag, he also wore with him on the stage with AC / DC at first, was the radio transmitter at a time rather important for his electric guitar.

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